Michael Ridenour



"We contacted Mike with less than three weeks notice that we wanted him to play at our wedding at Highland Lake Inn & Resort in Flat Rock, NC.  He very quickly worked with us on what music would be appropriate for both the wedding and cocktail reception.  His advice was spot on, and the ceremony was really moving!  With less than two weeks notice, he accommodated our request to learn Train’s “Marry Me” for our first dance...it was like he had been playing it all his life.  Mike is a virtuoso musician and a really nice guy.  He was dedicated to making our wedding all we wanted it to be.  He arrived early and checked in with us during the reception to make sure we were happy.  We highly recommend him for your wedding or special occasion!”

Kim Merrick & Rick Smith,
Mason, Ohio



"Hi Mike, it was a pleasure working with you for Holly and Taylor's wedding – thank YOU! We've never had a musician offer Skype calls with the bride and groom to find the perfect fit for their ceremony music – you certainly took good care of them.  It was a great experience all around.  We will be in touch for future weddings!"

Reagan Kerr



747 Meeting Street

Charleston, South Carolina 29403




"Michael, thank you so much for your note, we LOVED the ceremony and cottail hour music.  We have gotten so many amazing compliments on your work.  Thank you for your willingness to be flexible with our selection.  It truly was magical."
Thank you!

Holly Finkel



"Michael, Thank you for participating in our wedding.  Your music set exactly the right tone for our special day.  I particularly appreciate your willingness to accommodate our family's four different opinions and the unique requirements of a outdoor wedding.  I have already mentioned you to a couple of other people who are hosting upcoming events."
Best regards,
Katy Yarbrough


"Ladies and gentlemen!  Kudos to you all!  Our opening Musical Feast was a resounding success.  Every aspect of the party was perfect, from the wonderful music--thank you Michael!--to the energetic ladies at the bar--thank you Amber and Jessica.  And to you gentlemen who moved furniture, schlepped dirty dishes, schmoozed our patrons--our hats are off to you."

Joyce Miles
Asheville Symphony Guild
Opening Musical Feast For
The 2009-2010 Asheville Symphony Season




"Our son has been exposed to several guitar teachers over the years and Larry and I both agree that Mike Ridenour was his very best instructor.  Mike provided Matt with excellent instruction in reading music, guitar fundamentals, and technique.  Mike was highly motivating.  He is a natural teacher who exhibits great care with his students.  Most importantly, he kept the music fun!  We would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a talented musician and teacher."

Larry and Debby Harmon - Hendersonville, North Carolina




"As a young teenager, our son, Mark, began taking classical guitar lessons from Mike.  It was a very positive experience for him.  Mike is a very patient teacher.  He was able to help Mark understand the theory and fundamentals of classical guitar and hold Mark's attention.  Mike also taught him the importance of practice.  Mark continues his love for the guitar, still plays and is quite good.  We credit Mike with getting Mark started in the right direction.  He is an excellent teacher."

Marty & Fran Berger - Hendersonville, North Carolina